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We are a coalition of Canadian independent media producers who are making a commitment to act on climate change.

Our mission is to...
empower and unite producers in being a leading force for positive environmental change.
We aim to accelerate the adoption of sustainable production practices and help audiences around the world face the challenge of climate change.

Who we are

Producers from coast to coast, including some of the biggest names in our industry have made a commitment to tackle climate change.
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Whether you have 1 or 1000 employees, we invite you to join us in our mission to drive the decarbonization of our industry.
Join the coalition

We are in a climate crisis.

Be part of the solution.
We believe that the motion picture industry can be a force for change and transformation for the benefit of all people, communities and the planet. Rapid change is possible if we come together and make action a priority.

Make the commitment to act on climate change and help drive the decarbonization of our industry.
Join the coalition
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Benefits of joining the coalition

Peer-to-peer collaboration

Become part of a network of like-minded businesses. Learn from other producers and share solutions that will accelerate the adoption of green practices and help you comply with growing sustainability requirements.

Knowledge Hub

Gain access to tips, tools, templates and advice crafted by experts and other producers designed to help you in your business and on a range of production genres.

Climate Action Guide

Our one-stop producer guide "Greening the Screen" gives producers and other decision makers the best practices to embrace sustainability in their companies and on productions.

Be Part of a movement

Be a leader in the fight against climate change. Show investors, employees, talent and buyers how you’re adopting ambitious goals.

Your commitment is the first step.

Producers who join the coalition make a commitment to take action in our four priority areas, and report annually on their results.

Priority Areas:

Action on Screen

Help audiences understand the climate crisis by putting sustainable practices on screen and producing climate-related stories.

Action on Emissions

Seize opportunities to adopt best practices for the measurement and reduction of carbon emissions.

Action on Waste

Drive actions that will reduce the consumption and use of materials and keep waste out of landfills.

Collective Action

Drive the adoption of green practices through knowledge sharing, collaboration and share yearly progress through our impact report.
“Joining this strong coalition of producers across Canada to take real and critically needed action against climate change is a priority for Cineflix Media. Together, we can make meaningful contributions towards a more sustainable future for our industry and the planet.”
Photo of Sarah Nathanson
Dina Appleton
EVP, Global Business and Legal Affairs
Cineflix Media
“We, at Muse, are excited about this initiative and the prospect of learning and sharing, actionable, sustainable changes in the way we produce our content. Changes that will positively impact our planet and its inhabitants.”
Photo of Sarah Nathanson
Aren Prupas
Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc.