Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to join?

Currently, there is no cost to make the commitment and join the coalition, and we hope to keep it this way for as long as possible. We are currently entirely supported by sponsorships, grants and donations. Please reach out if you’d like to become a sponsor or make a financial contribution.

What information will be required for annual reporting?

Production companies will be required to demonstrate that they have done at least one action in each priority area of the commitment. Individuals (Line producers, PM's) will have a reduced reporting requirement and will only be required to demonstrate action in each of the Emissions and Waste areas of our commitment.

The details of our reporting requirements are under development and will be released in early 2024.  Our goal is to make reporting as simple as possible.  In the first year we anticipate providing producers with a questionnaire asking for information. Expect to be asked things like “How many production footprints did your company calculate in the last year?”, “If measured, what were the total emissions on your production(s)?”, or “How did your company meet its commitment to put climate action on screen?”

We expect the reporting process will be refined and expanded over time to ensure that we’re continually meeting our collective goals. Information we receive will be anonymized and reported on an aggregated basis. We will not publish company specific information without your permission.

When will we have to report?

Each year the reporting window will start in January with a deadline in the spring. Independent producers who join the coalition in the first six months of the calendar year will be asked to report the following calendar year.  Companies that join in the second half of the year may still report if desired, but it will not be a mandatory part of their commitment until a full calendar year has passed.

For example, a company that signs the commitment in February 2024 will be asked to report in early 2025. A company that signs the commitment in September of 2024 has the option to file a report in 2025, but it will not be a mandatory part of their commitment until early 2026.

What if we don’t achieve everything in the commitment?

We know that each production has unique challenges, some years are harder than others, and forces outside of your control can take over (cough COVID!) despite our best intentions.

The four priority areas of the commitment are designed to focus on high impact areas while giving producers the flexibility to craft the approach to climate action that works for them. Our expectation is that signatory producers implement at least one action in each area, per year and report on their progress. These actions can be on different productions or implemented at the corporate level.

We hope that signatory producers will genuinely consider each area of the commitment in good faith on each production they produce and push themselves to do better year over year. We will be here to support our members through the good years and the bad ones, until sustainable practices become the new normal.

We have something we’d like to share with other producers. Can you help us do that?

There are a number of ways you can share your success stories and help other producers. We send out quarterly newsletters to members and love including advice, tips and stories from other members. We’re also developing a “knowledge hub” which will be a place for producers to share resources, knowledge and even templates, forms or policies with each other. More information about how to access and use the knowledge hub will be released in Spring 2024. Lastly, there are opportunities to share through our social media pages, our annual report, or by including information on your company profile page. If you are open to other producers contacting you with questions, we will be happy to list your contact email directly on your profile page.

Can producers from outside of Canada join?

Currently our coalition is limited to producers who operate in Canada. If you’re from outside of Canada and are interested in what we’re doing, please reach out.