Green Production Certifications

On Tourne Vert (The Rolling Green) 

Cost: Level 1 (Free), Level 2 ($200 + 5% tax), Level 3 ($200 + 5% tax)

Requirements: Varies depending on level (see website for details)

Rolling green accreditation was developed to recognize sustainable productions in Quebec. To obtain Rolling Green accreditation, productions must implement a series of eco-responsible measures on their set, and be able to demonstrate the actions taken.

Environmental Media Association 

EMA Green Seal and Gold Seal for Productions

Cost: $1000USD per production

Requirements: Completion of PEACH checklist in EMA application format

The program rating is determined on a scale of 200 points. A minimum threshold of 75 points must be obtained in order to receive EMA Green Seal recognition. The EMA Gold Seal is for projects that score 125 points and more. All projects that reach this threshold receive our EMA Gold Seal label. The rating is based on a self-assessment by the production company on how well it complies with the Program criteria developed by EMA and the sustainability departments of major studio Board members.

A set visit to the primary production location(s) is not required for recognition to be confirmed. If possible, a visit allows us to see first-hand those practices put in place and to interview representatives of the production. If a set visit is not possible, additional documentation may be requested while reviewing the application. There is a $1000 fee per application.

albert Certified Production

Cost: Free

Requirements: Carbon Action Plan, Carbon Footprint 

To be an albert Certified Production, projects must first complete an online Carbon Action Plan questionnaire (found in the calculator tool) during pre-production and before the starting date of the production phase (based on the dates you enter into albert for pre-production, production, and post-production).  The Carbon Action Plan questionnaire contains 91 questions, some of which are mandatory to fulfill, in order to earn the certification. 

Albert reviews the Carbon Action Plan as well as the Carbon Footprint. You will be asked to provide up to 10 documents as evidence to support your Carbon Action Plan. Upon receiving certification, productions will receive an “albert Certified Production” logo to add to their end credits.