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Action Guide

A Producer's Call to Action

Industry contraction, disruptive technologies, and economic and social challenges are putting pressure on artists and businesses alike. At the same time, the need to be environmentally sustainable is increasing as the climate crisis accelerates. 
Climate change is no longer a theoretical future. We must all act with urgency to ensure a livable planet for ourselves and future generations.

As creators and stewards of culture, we must lead by example, put the climate crisis on screen, and green our productions as quickly as possible.

Our call to action is for producers each to embrace their role as leaders and prioritise sustainability in their companies and productions. We need to break down traditional silos and work together to drive decarbonization across the industry, all while embracing our responsibility to put the climate crisis on screen and speak to audiences about this critical challenge.

To meet the needs of the moment, we call on producers and our industry to act together and with urgency along three strategic approaches:
  • Innovating Production Practices: By embracing renewable energy sources, reducing waste, and leveraging new technology, the industry can lower its environmental impact, and support technological innovations and market growth for green solutions. 
  • Advocacy and Collective Action: Our visibility makes us a force-multiplier to advocate for policies, regulations and supports that incentivise climate action across society. Supporting independent producers can accelerate the uptake of green solutions.
  • Leveraging stories and talent for sustainability: Content creators can put the climate crisis on screen, influencing viewers' attitudes and behaviours towards the environment and increasing their understanding of the science and available solutions. 
If producers commit to reducing emissions and waste, put the climate crisis on screen, and work together to accelerate the adoption of green practices, we can inspire an industry and cultural transformation that creates benefits for everyone.

The challenge of transforming our industry should not be underestimated, but producers are capable of anything. We push boulders uphill for a living. We make imagination a reality and our stories entertain, heal, unite and inspire.

We've got this.