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Action Guide

What you’ll get out of this Guide

This guide is for all producers and decision makers in the motion picture industry – from the climate-action curious to sustainability veterans.
Whether you’re just developing your first project, or are running an international independent studio, this guide will help you plan and take climate action on your productions and in your organization.

As a decision maker, you decide how to navigate through this guide and what tips will work best for your next project.

Climate action will look different for every producer and company. The Producer’s Role provides some leadership strategies to increase the probability that your productions will be planet and people friendly.  Pop over to Team Building and Stories are Our Superpower to find tips on hiring and content development.

When you’re nearing a green light, check out Green Production Plans and Green Budgeting, or focus on the Business of Climate Action when you’re negotiating talent deals.

Before you hit pre-production, Greening Production will provide planning strategies for waste, emissions and on-screen actions, and Accounting for Carbon will help your accounting and sustainability teams produce carbon footprints and reports so you can track your progress.

If you’re part of the Producing for the Planet coalition, each of our commitment pillars get their own sections in Collective Action, Action on Screen, Action on Emissions and Action on Waste.

Throughout the guide are best practices for climate action. The best practices in this guide are non-exhaustive and meant to give producers a common starting point. You’re not meant to do it all at once: start with the low-hanging fruit and expand your efforts as you progress on your climate action journey.

This guide also uses a variety of sustainability and climate science terms that may be new to you.  We’ve worked with our sustainability experts to create a glossary of key terms to help orient you to foundational sustainability concepts and terms.

NOTE: This guide is living resource. We will continue to update this guide as our industry and the climate crisis evolves and provide you with the best and most up to date information that we can.  If you want to help us by sharing feedback, or stories for other producers to learn from, please reach out to