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Action Guide

People + Planet

Embracing climate action goes hand in hand with reconciliation, DEI and accessibility. Keeping people at the centre of our focus ensures that our actions benefit both the planet and its people.
Fighting climate change can be a daunting undertaking and it's easy to forget that the project of 'saving the planet' is really about continuing to have a livable planet for people.

Just as people are inseparable from earth's eco-system, people must be at the centre of climate action and solutions.

Climate change is sometimes called “everything change” because of how broadly it will impact society. Many of the environmental, social and economic consequences of heating up the planet will disproportionately harm communities that are already struggling or marginalized. Climate burdens are impacted by where you live as well as factors such as race, class, gender, age, or ability. In Canada, First Nations communities are deeply affected by climate change in ways that threaten traditional ways of living.

The climate crisis magnifies other crises, so climate change solutions must incorporate and address climate injustices.

Integrating climate justice into climate action is vital for our industry.  Taking a human-centred, climate-justice approach creates a movement that goes beyond carbon footprints and envisions a world that is healthier and more equitable for everyone. When viewed through this perspective our efforts can take on greater meaning; enhancing lives, strengthening communities, and creating regenerative economic systems that allow everyone to thrive and enjoy the advantages of clean air, water and land for generations to come.

Acknowledging Indigenous wisdom

We recognise that the ideas in this guide are informed by assumptions about the primacy of science, reason, economic rationality and the place of stories in western culture. We also acknowledge that there is a link between colonialism, the systems that contribute to environmental harms, and climate justice.

Indigenous wisdom stems from long standing traditions, stories, cultural practices and lived experiences. Traditional knowledge held by the nations of Turtle Island has a key role to play in forging a path forward for our industry and all of Canada. We are committed and open to growing our capacity as an industry to seeing, respecting and incorporating traditional and Indigenous knowledge into our practices, business models and stories. Producing for the Planet is striving to engage Indigenous voices in our climate action strategies and we are actively working with Indigenous consultants to help us find pathways for Indigenous knowledge to be part of our climate action solutions.